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fog | Nantucket, MA
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The Mysteries & Dangers of Fog

“The Little Grey Lady of the Sea” is how we’re known. How many business names around Nantucket have something to do with “Grey Lady”? And it’s not just the gray shingles. Benjamin Moore even has a beautiful blue grey paint color called ‘Nantucket Fog.” On Nantucket, we literally live and breathe fog.

Whales | Photo by Mike Shuster
Nantucket Essays

The Grace of Whales

by Robert P. Barsanti We believe in summer sun, but the truth of Nantucket is fog. Nantucket lies near the confluence of the warm water Gulf Stream with the Canadian Labrador current. The waters mix and mist over the shallow water of the George’s Bank, and the sand bars leading […]

Nantucket Fog
Nantucket Essays

Patterns in the Fog

by Robert P. Barsanti One of the pleasures of attending a baseball game at Nantucket High School comes from watching the sea fog slowly creep down the harbor. From the sunny comforts of the first base stands, the runner takes his lead off first, the right fielder looks in for […]