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Swim Across Nantucket
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Swim for a Cause

The annual swim to raise money for the Nantucket Cottage Hospital Oncology Department and the Palliative and Supportive Care of Nantucket (“PASCON”) is back on Jetties Beach this Saturday, July 23, 2022 at 8 am. Swim Across America – Nantucket is celebrating its tenth year on the island this year. […]

Great Fire
Nantucket History & People

When Flames Lit Up the Sky

Imagine standing on the steps of the Pacific National Bank of Nantucket at the top of Main Street early in the morning on July 14. You look toward the Harbor and see nothing before you but smoking ashes and the brickwork of the Pacific Club Building. To the left, the […]

Featured Restaurants

Something for Everyone on Easy Street

Featured Restaurant: Easy Street Cantina by C. Oscar Olson With all the restaurants on Nantucket—and there are many—there are very few that can please every patron and every palate. There are even fewer that can provide ample seating for the whole family, be it indoors or out on a spacious […]

Nantucket Essays

Warmth of Privilege

We have had a run of beach days. A puddle of relatively cool and dry air has sat over New England and spilled out over the Atlantic to about a hundred miles south of the island. Sitting on the shore, the southern press of clouds massed and slid by on the southern horizon. The island lucked into a cool pocket, under light northern winds, through the end of the week and the weekend. 

Snapping Turtle | Nantucket, MA
Insider Tips, Island Science

Help Team Turtle on Nantucket

Did you know that the ancestors of our Nantucket snapping turtles existed more than 40 million years ago?! These prehistoric-looking creatures are top predators in many aquatic systems and an important part of the present-day Nantucket ecosystem. Unfortunately, we may be “loving” them a little too much. Feeding practices, turtle handling, and otherwise harassing these wild animals has reached a fever pitch the past few years and local conservation and wildlife groups are hoping to do something about it. 

Icarus & Co.
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Wear Nantucket Close to Your Heart

There is timeless beauty in the simplicity of nature, and there is a shop on Old South Wharf whose creative artist/owners have captured that beauty in jewelry, art, and ceramics. 
Artists Krys DeMauro and Caroline Mullen, high-school friends who are now business partners, have collaborated to present Icarus + Co, where they sell their jewelry, art, ceramics, and textiles. “We are both very drawn to the ocean and to nature, and this island is a constant source of inspiration,” explained Caroline. 

Baskets & Bubbly
Nantucket Events

Baskets & Bubbly In-Person and Online

Tickets are still available for the Nantucket Historical Association’s (NHA) Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum (NLBM) annual summer fundraiser: Baskets & Bubbly. In addition to the Garden Party there will be an online auction for nine days. Karen Butler and Jackie Kupper again chair this year’s fundraiser for their second year.  […]