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Oysters | Nantucket, MA

Treats in Shells

by Maryjane Mojer Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm I was not quite born in the Dark Ages, but was born before ultrasounds and knowing the gender of your child was the norm. Either maternal intuition or a needle on the end of a thread swinging side to side during the baby …

Local Oysters

• by Chef Jenn Farmer • Recently I went on an excursion to find some fish for a dinner party where I would be cooking.  It was going to be an interesting group, and I wanted it to be special.  Instantly I thought of oysters, since to me they convey …

Nantucket Oysta' Crackers

Nurturing a Dream – Oyster Cracka’s

Jamie Marks’ fascination with fish and fishing started at an early age.    “When I was little, the trucks used to sell their catch on Main Street. I’d stand there watching as long as my mother would let me…My father always said that it’s hard to make a living at fishin’ …